Get Involved

Want to be part of Our Health Journeys?
You can get involved in these ways:

Contribute – share your story

From what the Covid-19 pandemic has been like for you, to sharing familymemories of epidemics past, you can be part of our social health historyby sharing your story.

You can see examples of other kiwi’s contributors by clicking on the OurStories tag

Collaborate – let’s work together

Does your organisation have health-based objects, images and stories?Be part of our every changing exhibition content and showcase yourhidden collections through us.

Partner – see an opportunity to partner with us?

As the Our Health Journey e-museum grows, we’ll be looking to partnerwith commercial and philanthropic organisations. Our Health Journeysaims to profile kiwi courage and innovation that continues to positivelyimpact our nation’s health.


Get your students involved in some citizen curatorship by working withus.

We’ll be developing learning experiences both inside and outside theclassroom, partnering with museums and libraries nationwide to pull thethreads of our health history together. There will be opportunities forinternships across the country, and outreach programmes linking yourschool, your local museum, and Our Health Journeys together.

You can register your interest at: