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Find your place in our health history, through museums nationwide.
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Wairoa Museum
Self-described as 'a museum without walls', a living entity linking people, history and place.
The Elms | Te Papa Tauranga
A pā, a mission station, and a legacy to the people of Tauranga.
Paeroa Museum - more to see than just L&P
A small museum with an eclectic collection.
Te Aroha & District Museum
When you’re in Te Aroha, treat yourself a bottle of Lemon and Te Aroha (a drink that predates Lemon & Paeroa)!
Firth Tower Museum: more to see than just the tower
Firth Tower Museum is a great place to explore and has a lot of activities to keep the kids engaged.
A visit to Whangārei Medical Museum
Open Wednesdays, the museum is part of the Kiwi North Heritage Park.
Te Rau Aroha Museum of the Price of Citizenship
How medical histories interweave into an exhibition about commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi and military service.
Papakura Museum - go and visit, Auckland!
How filling time between flights has convinced a curator why everyone in Papakura should visit this museum.
Founders Heritage Park - a must do on your next visit to Nelson
A recent visit made a curator wish she had longer in Nelson.
Bulls Museum: an unbelieva-bull hidden medical collection
A museum hidden in a town filled with bovine-related puns, Bulls Museum is worth a visit.
Visiting Taihape Museum
Read why a visit to Taihape Museum should be on everyone's to-do list.
Palmerston North's David Warnock Medical Museum
A last (and first) visit to Palmerston North's David Warnock Medical Museum before it closes its current doors.
Reflections at Waikato Health Memorabilia Trust
A glimpse at the history of the Waikato DHB through the eyes of a curator.
The Death Ship: A Fateful Voyage - reflections on a visit to the National Army Museum Te Mata Toa
A blog about the exhibition The Death Ship and a curator's visit to the Army Museum.
Pātea's iron lung
Visit Whanganui Regional Museum to learn how polio affected this region.