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Epidemics Aotearoa
Frontline Pharmacists: Navigating Unprecedented Challenges Amid the Pandemic
The experiences and resilience of a pharmacist during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Ground hog days
A photographer finds beauty in the every day during Auckland's lockdowns.
Epidemics Aotearoa
Art imitates Covid life
Artist Bryony Matthew used art to help her adapt to lockdown life in 2021.
Our Pandemic
Blessing in disguise
Caring for her grandfather in lockdown turned out to be a blessing for Daizha Fidow-Savage.
Epidemics Aotearoa
Being an outcast – my life as an essential worker
A student's part-time job led her to become an essential worker during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Island Cinderella’s 275 lockdown
A law student shares her South Auckland family life in lockdown.