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Epidemics Aotearoa
Frontline Pharmacists: Navigating Unprecedented Challenges Amid the Pandemic
The experiences and resilience of a pharmacist during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our Stories
Some history from Palmerston North Hospital: 130 years on
A few milestones to mark the 130th anniversary of Palmerston North Hospital.
Epidemics Aotearoa
Service Above Self
How public service stopped a potential smallpox epidemic in its tracks in 1872.
Our Stories
The Journey to the Library
A short history of Dr Thomas Moore Philson.
Waiving the prescription copayment fee
Helping remove barriers to healthcare.
Epidemics Aotearoa
Who knew what poo could do
What can wastewater tell us about the nation's health?
Sports Health
The Legacy of New Zealand's Health Camps: Sunshine for the Soul
An initiative prompted by the South African War.