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A Ten-Year-Old's Memories of the Influenza Pandemic
The memories of Carswell Burt, who contracted the 'flu in 1919.
Epidemics Aotearoa
Frontline Pharmacists: Navigating Unprecedented Challenges Amid the Pandemic
The experiences and resilience of a pharmacist during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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The shape of school goes fluid
A teacher's observation of connections crumbling during lockdown.
Our Stories
Ground hog days
A photographer finds beauty in the every day during Auckland's lockdowns.
Do your job – get a swab!
A trailblazing student helped rally her community when Covid appeared at her school.
Our Pandemic
Coronaviruses explained
We've heard a lot about coronaviruses, but what exactly are they?
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Island Cinderella’s 275 lockdown
A law student shares her South Auckland family life in lockdown.
Epidemics Aotearoa
The aftermath – lessons learned
The sobering legacy of Spanish Flu in Aotearoa.
There is no place like home
Student Erin Kim used creativity to express their feelings of isolation during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown.
Epidemics Aotearoa
My pandemic
An Aucklander returned to nursing to help vaccinate her island community.
Epidemics Aotearoa
Transmission  trackers
Following the trail of Covid-19. ‍An epidemiologist explains.
Parallels to the past
Lockdown Learning in 1947
Think lockdown learning and working from home is new? Think again.