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Coromandel Museum
Something to add to your holiday plans when visiting the peninsula
Your Place
Paeroa Museum - more to see than just L&P
A small museum with an eclectic collection.
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Te Aroha & District Museum
When you’re in Te Aroha, treat yourself a bottle of Lemon and Te Aroha (a drink that predates Lemon & Paeroa)!
Your Place
Firth Tower Museum: more to see than just the tower
Firth Tower Museum is a great place to explore and has a lot of activities to keep the kids engaged.
Your Place
A visit to Whangārei Medical Museum
Open Wednesdays, the museum is part of the Kiwi North Heritage Park.
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Visiting Taihape Museum
Read why a visit to Taihape Museum should be on everyone's to-do list.
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Palmerston North's David Warnock Medical Museum
A last (and first) visit to Palmerston North's David Warnock Medical Museum before it closes its current doors.
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Dannevirke's Gallery of History is true to its name
A small museum run by a great team which is a must-see the next time you're in Dannevirke.
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Ōpōtiki Museum (is actually two museums!)
A pair of museums that runs almost the length of a block of shops.