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Your Place
Cornwall Park Hospital  -  Love, Loss and Healing:  Part One
An introduction to the three hospitals that found their homes at Cornwall Park.
Professor Sir Graham (Mont) Liggins
Milestones in foetal lung development and prenatal medicine.
Your Place
A visit to Whangārei Medical Museum
Open Wednesdays, the museum is part of the Kiwi North Heritage Park.
Latest & New
Mental health in sport in New Zealand
A narrative on openness since Sir John Kirwan spoke out.
Sound & Vision
Auckland Medical History Society Founders' Lecture - Sir William Liley, the father of fetal medicine
A lecture presented as part of the Auckland Medical History Society's annual programme.
Brave Hearts
Open heart surgery in MOTAT’s LOVE/SCIENCE
Explore the story of the first open heart surgery in Aotearoa New Zealand from MOTAT’s LOVE/SCIENCE exhibition.
Sound & Vision
Alan Kerr a life in Medicine
Alan Kerr is a well-known cardio-thoracic and vascular surgeon who, before retiring from practice in Aotearoa New Zealand, played a crucial role in the development of coronary artery and children’s heart surgery in our country. He worked at Green Lane Hospital for over three decades, during which time it became a world-renowned center for cardiology and cardiac surgery. Since his retirement, he has volunteered in Palestine to develop children’s cardiac services. His inspiring career and life storiesare recorded in the archives at Auckland Library. Listen here to Alan talking about the development of cardiac surgery and Green Lane Hospital as an international center of excellence.