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Our Pandemic
Facing the camera
A mother and daughter duo fronted a vaccination campaign to help protect pregnant mums.
Cache of curiosities
If I only had a heart
This big hearted elephant had a fatty problem.
Our Stories
Ground hog days
A photographer finds beauty in the every day during Auckland's lockdowns.
Do your job – get a swab!
A trailblazing student helped rally her community when Covid appeared at her school.
Our Pandemic
Art imitates Covid life
Artist Bryony Matthew, used art to help her adapt to lockdown life in 2021.
Parallels to the past
Just like my Poppa
Learning from the Spanish Flu – one family's story of pandemic loss, a hundred years ago.
Our Pandemic
864,000 seconds
What's life been like for teenagers during our pandemic? A Covid-19 poem.
Epidemics Aotearoa
The tragic tale of Aotearoa's orphans
The Spanish Flu killed many young parents who left children behind them.
Our Pandemic
The double-edged sword of lockdown
A heartwarming account of an octogenarian's positive experience of Covid-19.
Our Pandemic
Blessing in disguise
Caring for her grandfather in lockdown turned out to be a blessing for Daizha Fidow-Savage.
Sound & Vision
A terrible time
Listen to the recollection of Eva Nobles, who was aged just 11 when Spanish Flu struck her community.
Our Pandemic
Being an outcast – my life as an essential worker
A student's part-time job led her to become an essential worker during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Our Pandemic
It’s cool to be tested
Exceptional student leadership brought unity to an Auckland community struck by Covid-19.
There is no place like home
Student Erin Kim used creativity to express their feelings of isolation during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown.
Our Pandemic
My pandemic
An Aucklander returned to nursing to help vaccinate her island community.