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Epidemics Aotearoa
A Ten-Year-Old's Memories of the Influenza Pandemic
The memories of Carswell Burt, who contracted the 'flu in 1919.
Epidemics Aotearoa
Auckland Hospital and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic
How Auckland Hospital coped with influenza cases.
Epidemics Aotearoa
Frontline Pharmacists: Navigating Unprecedented Challenges Amid the Pandemic
The experiences and resilience of a pharmacist during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Epidemics Aotearoa
Service Above Self
How public service stopped a potential smallpox epidemic in its tracks in 1872.
Our Pandemic
Blessing in disguise
Caring for her grandfather in lockdown turned out to be a blessing for Daizha Fidow-Savage.
There is no place like home
Student Erin Kim used creativity to express their feelings of isolation during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown.
Sound & Vision
All For A Medal: The Nursing Memoirs of Colleen Turbet Williams - Part 1: Trainee Nurse
All For A Medal: The The Nursing Memoirs of Colleen Turbet Williams is a self-published book of memoirs from nurse Colleen Williams (1931-2024). The memoirs span the period of 1949-1953 and are read by her daughter Laura Horrocks. Part one is complete. Part two will be published weekly.